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The Digital Course to support your entire job search. From writing a resume that has your phone blowing up to acing every stage of the interview so you get droolworthy offers. Here's how:



My unique process that I've used with over 500 clients, taught to you in the comfort of your pjs.



You'll get all the help you need.  From the exclusive resume template library to how to answer all those tough interview questions.


From sample bullet points to sample questions for you to ask in an interview.




Bonus trainings on the cover letter (including samples!), your LinkedIn profile AND how to create a video resume. 

Once you get the offer, you'll want to negotiate the salary - I've got you covered with the bonus salary negotation guide. 


Feel confident this entire job search.  

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From Sara:

Hi, I'm Sara Curto

I spent 15 years in Talent Acquisition which meant that I ended up reading 100k resumes and conducting over 10k interviews gaining knowledge on what works and what doesn't.  

Knowledge I've used these past 6 years as a Career Coach to help people write resumes that stand out and get noticed.

This course has helped 500 people find work they love since 2017 and now it's going to help you too.


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150 applications and no interviews:

I just wanted to catch up and let you know that I ended up accepting an offer for my summer co-op recently. I initially had two offers! I am extremely happy with the final results, despite it being a lengthy, stressful job application period. This would not have been possible without your guidance and course. Thank you so much, it is greatly appreciated.


I updated my resume with Sara's guidelines and since then I received 3 interview requests including one today from a company I really want to work for.

Before the resume update: months of job applications with zero response.


Just thought I'd say a huge "Thank you!": Thanks to your CV changes, I had three job interviews in one week, and one of them led to a job offer!


Getting past that initial phone screen:

I have a pre-screening phone interview tomorrow for a position I really want. I'll be up all night watching Sara's interview modules because my last phone interview didn't go so well ,

followed by: "Nailed it!" 


Moving to the next level interview on Wednesday morning!


I binged all the interview information before 2 interviews this week. I have a job offer already- so grateful for her insight and knowledge 





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