The Find Your Dream Job Program

Land a job you love: where you work less, make more money and feel fulfilled.

Get coached by me every week in this group coaching membership.



I can help you find and thrive in your dream job .

This high touch online coaching program gives you end to end support that won't break the bank.  It combines weekly group coaching, a customizable process and the ability to get support by a Career Coach who has doubled salaries, ended decades long career breaks, reduced hours in half and helped over 500 people find work they love. 

  • It's for unhappy workers who are through with their work taking all their energy and confidence and giving nothing in return.  
  • It's for people stuck in a job search from hell who just want a decent job.
  • It's for people who continuously get overlooked for that promotion.

This membership not only makes sure that you land a job, but one you actually want while also creating the work and life of your dreams.

Members report:


job searches that are half the normal time


making up to 70k more while working only 8ish hours a day.


finally feeling happy & fulfilled at work

There's just one problem...

It seems easier said than done and you're struggling

  • You've applied to so many jobs that you've lost count and have heard nothing but crickets.
  • You're so confused on what you want next, you've been scouring the job boards but you're struggling to find that perfect career.
  • You mostly know you have great experience, but your nerves keep getting the best of you in interviews.
  • You've worked so hard but for some reason are just not getting the praise, recognition and opportunities you deserve.
"Sara isn't the first coach I've worked with, but she is the best. She's honest and authentic, motivating and supportive, and dedicated to helping her clients find their path. Working with Sara has helped me focus my ambitions and map out a plan to make them a reality. 
Sara's weekly coaching sessions have pushed me to be accountable to myself and I love hearing about her other clients' challenges and wins. It's great to be part of a reinvention club while I'm designing my next chapter. Sara's friendly (but firm!) pushes have lodged themselves in my brain on weeks when I can't make it to her sessions, and I know her influence will have long-term impacts on how I shape my career for the long-term.
In addition to the impact that Sara is having on my career mindset, I really enjoy seeing her approach to coaching in our group sessions. She's able to tailor her advice to every member, and still bring the group and overarching lessons along at the same time. (Put more succinctly, she's really good at her job and it's impressive to watch!)"
Miranda, Executive Consultant
Working with Sara helped me understand some issues at work that I wasn't seeing and how to address those issues. 
It gave me more confidence to advocate for myself. 
I've learned that I don't have to stay in a career if it's not serving me anymore. And a lot of skills are transferable to many types of careers.  
Sara helped me develop focus and better understanding of my career. It was great to take a step to develop myself more and invest in me.  It has made me more hopeful for what's next with my career. 
I love having someone who was interested in helping me achieve more professionally! Being heard was the best thing and having someone give you feedback that is 360 and useful but always respectful and encouraging.
Audrey, HR Leader

I found Sara on LinkedIn through a mutual connection, and I instantly related to her enthusiastic online presence. I reached out as 'coaching curious', but after one conversation with Sara I knew she would be the person to help me pivot on my career path.

Sara helped me dig deep to literally write down everything about how I got to be where I am today. In theory, this is an overwhelming process for someone who is mid to senior career looking to rebrand themselves.

Patiently, Sara has walked in step with me on a journey of rediscovery, with highlights including a reconnection to my passions, an affirming decision to leverage my existing training as a stepping stone for what's next, and the opportunity to write my own narrative about what I know to be true.

Sara has an intuitive ability to know what I'm thinking before I do (how does she do that??) and demonstrates grace while providing firm guidance to help me move forward.

Other fun facts about Sara: she knows LinkedIn inside and out (amazing for people like me who are social media weary), she is an industry expert (she seems to know something about every industry, no joke!), and her resource library alone is worth the value of a million coaching sessions!

The weekly coaching sessions are a fantastic way to ease into your next job search. There is something so special about being a part of a community - it's like having a group of friendly co-workers who keep me accountable while simultaneously cheering me on for each step of my own career journey!

Robyn, Women's Health Professional

Sara is an experienced and passionate career coach, who truly wants to help us in looking for personal growth and career growth. She is personable and always provide insightful guidance to help me to gain clarity on my professional goals.

Sara is kind and patient, she helps me to refine my resume and honing my interview techniques, and equipped me with tools I need to succeed in today's competitive job market. Being in the dream group also allows me in sharing my experience, and listening to others' valuable insights from different perspectives, to help me growth, especially in the HR field. 

Sara always find time to help me, I don't feel like I am a client, but a friend of hers who I can talk to, and let her know all difficulties I have been encountered. She is always with me when I am in the ups and downs, she comforts me when I get a rejections; she is more excited than me when I received an offer! 

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with her, and highly recommend her to everyone who wants to meet a new friend in supporting and achieving their career goals!

Mandy, HR Leader

Here's the truth

You are brilliant.

You know that there is more out there for you than just any old job.  It's why you're here on this page.

You know that time is too precious to waste in a job and career that sucks and with people you don't like.

I'm committed to your future, so let's go find your dream job.


Christine went from burnt out to multiple offers, taking one that more than doubled her salary and let her start on her timeline!

Christine, Technical Sales Professional

Found a job while out on a walk, when you're in the Academy, job opportunities literally come from everywhere. 

Kim, Aspiring Educator

Ended a 10 year employment gap with a similar position in the government.  No stepping back necessary!

Dom, Project & Planning Manager

Had to stop applying to jobs, he got so many interviews!  He got multiple offers, ensuring he got to pick the company that was right for him.

Stephen, Finance Executive

Here's the secret to landing your dream job:

  • You need to know what you want, we often settle for just anything because that's the message we hear or we so busy chasing someone else's goals that we end up burnt out and unfulfilled.
  • You need a effective and effcicent job search strategy so that you can find work you love.  It's time to stop applying to hundreds of jobs or the waiting for the perfect job to fall in your lap strategy.
  • You need weekly access to an expert coach, to get honest feedback about the process.  Get coached on problems, have your questions answered, and gain confidence in your process.

Erika achieved this amazing result:

"I have accepted a permanent position! It's $10k more + benefits starting day 1. That is about $15k more in total. 
  I first fixed my resume with your guide, 3 months later got a new job, and 3 weeks later got a better job :)"

Joanne ended her 18 month job search:

"I verbally accepted a role with a new company under a Manager, I trust, that I have worked with before.   
It checks almost all my boxes and it is a substantial pay increase!" 

Nick had a job created for him at his Fortune 500 company: 

"I had my annual portfolio review with my manager, and they are wanting to create a new position for me within the department that fits my needs!  They asked that I start the process of writing the description."

*2023 update.  It's in the final approval process and Nick will also be getting a substantial pay raise!

Lauren got into her top choice for her career change: 

"I got in to my top choice!!!!

 You've been so instrumental in helping me change my life for the better. You're an incredible job coach and human being and I'm so grateful for you!!!" 

The Find Your Dream Job program is where you end up working less, making more and actually love what you do.


Meet your teacher

Hi, I'm Sara

As a former counsellor and Talent Acqusition Speciliast and now a Career Coach and founder of the Find Your Dream Job program, I've been helping unhappy workers in viturally every industry and jobtype you can think of.

I spent 15 years stuck in a career that I hated.  Weekends and vacations were spent recovering and then dreading work.  Not enjoying.  I was embarrassed because I felt like I was not helping people the way I wanted to help them.   A lack of confidence, confusion and fear kept me stuck. 

I spent years trying everything out there, and none of it worked.  All the processes made it seem like it was a choice I had to make:

A career that gave me work/life balance OR fulfillment OR money.  The message I heard?  I couldn't have all 3.  

Tell me I can't have it, and it lights a fire under me to go grab it.  Which is exactly what I did.

In 2017 I created my own process to figure it all out.  Then in September of that year I launched my own career coaching business because I know that there are others out there that want the same thing as me.  Time to live the life you want.  Feeling fulfilled at work. Without sacrificing your pay check.

The same process I've used to help 500 (!) people go from hating to loving their work. 


The Find Your Dream Job Program

A group coaching membership that takes unhappy workers and finds them their dream jobs where they work less, make more and are fulfilled. 

Proven roadmap

A 5 module series of trainings where I teach you the process that I created, The Find Work You Love Framework, that I used myself and with hundreds of people find meaningful work.

A self-guided set of modules with a series of guides and videos designed to take you to long-term happiness and success in your career where you're making the difference you want to make.

Group Coaching Calls

The secret to massive momentum is the weekly coaching calls. 

Join us at any of the 6 coaching calls per month to get coached, watch others get coached and have all your job search and career questions answered.


Weekly Coaching on Thursdays at 12pm EST with me, Sara Curto!

2 evening calls per month (7pm EST) with Coach, Andrea Seale.


Private community

Access to the private community on Facebook where you can ask questions 24/7, get support and interact with other job seekers, career advancers and people who want the same thing out of life - a career that leaves me feeling good at the end of the day.




Monthly Masterclass

An exclusive monthly training that keeps you focused and up to date on issues, trends and changes in the world of careers (with my focus on meaning, balance & money).

Get instant access to all the previous monthly trainings.





Watch as I walk through the 4 pillars of the membership



The process that takes you from dreading your days to loving your work

The Find Work You Love Framework

Module 0

Build Your Confidence


This is the foundation of a happy and successful career. You'll learn how to have your own back in creating the work/life you desire.  You may not feel like you can do this but you'll end this stage, confident that "you got this".

Module 1

Discover Your Purpose


This step is divided into two:  Career Changes OR Laternal Moves/Career Advancement.  In it, you'll get clear on a job and career that is meaningful and energizing. You may start little confused on the exact environment and impact, but you 100% know that you just want to thrive.  Can you imagine the peace of mind of finally figuring out exactly what your next step is?  That's what is waiting for you at the end of this stage. 

Module 2

Design Your Brand


You may not know exactly how to sum up what you stand for but in this stage, we'll determine what that message is and design a way to communicate it so that your identity as a certain type of professional or an industry leader is known. By the end of this stage you'll have a Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile that gets you interviews!

Module 3

Increase Your Visibility


You'll begin to spread the word. Getting eyes on YOU and your message so that we can uncover incredible opportunities. This is not a cookie-cutter approach, I'm going to teach you a variety of different ways so that we can create a strategy that is unique to you, your career goals and your personality.

Module 4

Showcase Your Value


You're blowing people away and people are getting excited about you.  Which means it's now time to start showcasing your value in conversations and interviews.  You'll go from nervous and scared to confident and certain while telling stories about  yourself and your accomplishments.  I teach you an approach that feels authentic - not gross, awkward or salesy!

Module 5

Make Your Impact


It's negotiation time.  Get the offer of your dreams and then set yourself up for success as you start in this next phase of your career. One where you're making an impact, waking up excited on Mondays and making more money than you ever expected.

I'm shocked.  I get to leave my horrible boss for an amazing new job and I'm making $25k more.  I could NOT have done this without you Sara, I saw you and your coaching in every step of this process.  I can't thank you enough.

Maria, Acount Management Professional

I got the promotion and negotiated for more. Honestly 4 months ago I would have grabbed it and been super grateful. I'm in the post-Sara era now, so I wanted to ask for more.

I'm bursting. What you have done for my confidence, I can never thank you enough for it Sara 🙏.

Deepa, IT Director

I spent a few very frustrating months job searching with no success, so I decided to sign up for this course. The same week I used the Library and applied for a full-time job, I watched all the trainings and they helped me get a job offer!

Liz, Post-Partum Doula & Educator

"I got the job!! They really love me!  They were fangirling over me.  It was so easy!

Honestly couldn't have done this without you."

Pat, Customer Success Professional

How does this sound?

Your work energizes you...

  • You wake up excited instead of dreading your day.
  • You actually relax instead of being on your phone while watching TV in an attempt to distract you.
  • You end the day at work excited about the evening ahead instead of just getting by.
  • You know you're doing what you're meant to do instead of feeling like it's all pointless.
  • You're given the praise and recognition you desire instead of no one noticing the work you're doing.

When you have a tried & true process to help you find an amazing job, this future becomes inevitable. 

Here's the thing.

  • Every day that passes is pushing out your day 1 in that amazing new job.
  • Waiting on that recent application, hoping that one more resume sent out, interview completed is actually compromising your chances.
  • I wasted 15 years so you don't have to.  Our careers and job searches are too important to leave to chance.  It's time to take strategic action with a coach holding your hand every step of the way. .

In the Find Your Dream job program, multiple offers, massive salary raises and finding a job you actually want are the norm. 

Rodolfo got laid off but found a better job 8 weeks later:

"I've recieved an offer letter - yee!" Salary is better, commute (when it happens) is short and company looks pretty solid and good.  The job itself is perfect for me and I'm very excited."

Palak went from 0 to 2 offers in 1 month:

"I got two offers!  This would not have been possible without your guidance and course"

Choose the Find Your Dream Program plan that's right for you!



including taxes

  • Access to the membership site
  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • 2 evening calls per month
  • Monthly Member Only Training
  • Community & Accountability
  • Personalized Resume and LinkedIn Profile review
  • Access to exclusive member perks (1:1 coaching sessions at a discounted rate)







including taxes

  • 2 monthly 1:1 coaching sessions (45 minute each)
  • Access to the membership site
  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • 2 evening calls per month
  • Monthly Member Only Training
  • Community & Accountability
  • Personalized Resume and LinkedIn Profile review
  • Access to exclusive member perks (addtional 30 minute coaching calls)



** Many employers will cover the cost for annual networking groups and professional development. Click here for a customizable letter to submit your request to your manager (or HR). **

And there is more!

When you enroll, you'll also unlock these awesome bonuses:

Bonus #1

Resume Template Library

This template library makes it as easy as picking one of the exclusive templates, using samples and putting together a marketing document that gets people excited about you.

VALUE: $297


Bonus #2

Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Review

Write your documents using the templates, sample and process and then have Sara fully review and critique them.

VALUE: $297


Bonus #3

Mindset Mastery Module

Our thoughts and feelings dictates our actions and results.  Learn how to use your thoughts and feelings to fuel our dreams instead of extinguish them.

VALUE: $297



Let me tell you more about the bonuses:



Here's what I know

This will be the best investment you make in yourself

The 15 years I spent stuck in a job I hated cost me:

✦ money that I spent trying to make myself feel better.

 time spent unhappy and uninspired that I'll never get back

✦ confidence from years of eroding self-worth and self-trust.

✦ happiness as I oscillated between overhwelmed & confused about what I wanted to do AND just plain miserable "I guess this is it"

I mean you can take the same road I did, but I want you to know that 





This is possible for you too.

Your next 3 steps


Join The Find Your Dream Job Program

Click the enrollment button and follow the checkout steps. In minutes, you'll get an email will your login details.


Dive in and take action

Dive into the content and take action. Fill out the "Tell Me About Yourself" form and I'll send you the exact first steps to take.


Find Work You Love

I know the course and the coaching plus the community, bonuses and monthly training will have you securing that dream job in no time.


Let's Recap

Here's What you Get with the Find Your Dream Job Program

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls to accelerate your success plus 2 evening coaching calls to support those who can't meet during lunchtime.
  • The Find Work You Love Framework (all 6 stages of training & resources) to teach you my highly effective process
  • Monthly Masterclass (plus instant access to all previous ones) to keep building momentum.
  • Community & Accountability, surround yourself with a supportive group exactly where you are.
  • Bonus 1: Resume Template Library to make resume writing really easy
  • Bonus 2: Mindset Mastery Module to help you rewire your brain for lasting happiness and success.
  • Bonus 3: Resume & LinkedIn Review to ensure your documents make YOU SHINE.

This is for you if:

  • know you need a change but are stuck with where to start
  • nothing has worked in the past but you have the tiniest shreds of hope to try one more time
  • don't want to waste any more time in a job or job search that sucks
  • don't want another year to come and go where nothing has changed
  • need someone to tell you what to do, help you solve problems, guide you towards something you love

This is not for you if:

  • you only want a "get a job quick" scheme. 
  • you want everything done for you, you will need to put in some work!
  • You don't care about liking your job.

Angie became a thought leader

"So I really want to shed light on an amazing career coach in the group who literally helped me revamp my resume, LinkedIn, cover letter, networking skills, and career confidence. After working with Sara Curto I can say that picking the right coach really helped me get my career in the right place and with a pay raise. Sara drew on her HR background to help me understand how and why I was my own worst enemy and it totally paid off. "

Claire turned a low point into a high point in her career:

"It was almost like work therapy!  A group of supportive people all in different stages, cheering you on to succeed. Sara keeps you on track to reach your goals, and has the answers to help you (She has modules for everything!) 

With my new resume in hand, and the support of the academy behind me I landed multiple interviews and multiple job offers !  Thank you Sara !


Are you ready to finally find your dream job?

Work Less. Make More. Be Fulfilled.


Frequently Asked Questions

I want you to know,

I will be here to support you.

The Find Your Dream Job Program is a group coaching program and membership that will help you discover yourself again by figuring out what you want your career to look like and then creating a strategy to make that dream a reality by ensuring you consistently take action towards that goal.

So if you want to transform your exhausted, overworked, underappreciated career to one with more meaning, balance and money then I invite you to say "YES".  Yes to more happiness.  Yes to more money.  Yes to a greater impact.

I look forward to being your guide along the way.

Here's what's waiting for you on the other side:

  • A job you want with an amazing salary.
  • The feeling that you're finally happy & fulfilled at work. 
  • Just as excited for Mondays as you are for Fridays.

Catherine got surprised with a 20k raise + promotion!

"I didn't think I could go anywhere in my company, so I was working on leaving.  Sara helped me build my confidence level in a way that showed up a work.  They created a role for me and gave me a 5-figure raise."

Filipe ended a 3 year employment gap:

"They offered me the instructor position and I'm taking it.  Thanks SOOO much for your help.  They loved my "Tell Me About Yourself" narrative. GAME CHANGER!"

Choose the FIND YOUR DREAM JOB PROGRAM Plan that's right for you!



including taxes

  • Access to the membership site
  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • 2 evening calls per month
  • Monthly Member Only Training
  • Community & Accountability
  • Access to exclusive member perks (ie 1 off private coaching calls)







including taxes

  • 2 monthly 1:1 coaching sessions (45 minute each)
  • Access to the membership site
  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • 2 evening calls per month
  • Monthly Member Only Training
  • Community & Accountability
  • Personalized Resume and LinkedIn Profile review
  • Access to exclusive member perks (addtional 30 minute coaching calls)

** Many employers will cover the cost for annual networking groups and professional development. Click here for a customizable letter to submit your request to your manager (or HR). **

Let me show you around:



Love your whole life, not just the weekends.


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