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How to fix your job search to find a job you actually want 

The Secrets to Finding a Job You want is the free Masterclass designed specifically for job seekers who just need help.


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  • all the mistakes you're making AND how to fix them
  • my easy to follow 3 part framework guaranteeing job search success. 
  • EVERY aspect of a successful job search - resumes, LinkedIn, networking, interviews (and more) is all covered.


All of my recruitment secrets on what actually works (and doesn't).

A new way to job search that tosses out outdated job advice.

A simple, easy to follow process to finding a job you love.


The Career Coach who will help you find a career you love.


With a history in counselling plus 15 years in Recruitment, I teach you the behind the scenes secrets on how to not just find a job but find one you love.

We work together to DISOVER what you really want in your next role, DESIGN the strategy that's going to get you there (fast) and DELIVER the results by consistently taking action.

My Career You Love Framework has helped hundreds of people find a job that they're excited for.  Roll up your sleeves because in this membership we're getting you there too. 

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