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Using these templates and Sara's advice, I went from 1 interview in 3 months to 8 in 2 weeks.

I ended up with 3 offers!


1 year into my job search and I had gotten only 2 interviews (both from networking), so I knew my resume was broken. I used Sara's Turquoise template and followed her guide and within 24 hours I had 4 requests. 1 month later, I had 2 offers.

- Kirsten

I was getting interviews but not for jobs I wanted.  Following Sara's guide led me to changing my resume and it was like turning on the tap.  I finally got interviews for the jobs I was excited for and I'm about to start my new job next week!

- Adam

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Hi there! I'm Sara.

Career Coach & CEO, Career You Love Academy

I'm the Career Coach for helping people find a career they love in half the time.  I'm the creator of the Career You Love Academy and the Career You Love Framework. 

I've helped hundreds of people figure out exactly what they want and then find it, in half the time of a normal job seeker.

I spent 15 years in recruitment, which means I've reviewed over 100k resumes and LinkedIn profiles.  I'm here to show you the behind the scenes secrets of what it takes to not just land a job fast, but to land one that you really want. 

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